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Off-Campus Access to Chang Gung University Library

Anyone may freely access our library catalogs, and most of the Library's web pages from any computer with an Internet connection. The Library's home page is the best place to start.

Electronic resources, such as databases, e-journals, and e-books, are made available under special licenses with access restrictions. Only current CGU faculty, students and staff may access these resources from computers outside the Chang Gung University network using the following authentication method.
Please start from the Library's home page and click on the electronic resource needed.   After an electronic resource is selected, you will be required to enter your ID and password.  You ID is your student or staff ID number, and your password is default to be your birthday (YYMMDD).  (YY stands for two digits Republic of China calendar year.)
Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources
The licensed electronic resources made available by the University Library are for research, instruction, and related activities of current Chang Gung University faculty, staff, students and other authorized users. In general, authorized users may access such resources for noncommercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes.
Prohibited actions generally include:
  • Sharing of passwords or authorized access codes
  • Systematic downloading of significant portions of articles or other information
  • Posting copyrighted materials on a publicly accessible web site
  • Resale or commercial exploitation of licensed information

For assistance, please contact the Reference Desk on (03)211-8800 ext. 5622 or via email:libwww@mail.cgu.edu.tw